Are you looking for an easy way to cut waste, save money, add convenience or make take-out faster and more practical when you need a disposable spoon, spork, fork or knife.  We offer a unique waste reducing technology that allows the knife to snap out of the handles from the breakaway tabs of the spoon or fork in "a snap".  Perfect utensils for any meals or food on the go from soups, fruits, sides, salads, meats, diners and main dishes.  Each snap cutlery option we offer is in the traditional polypropylene material or advanced bio resins for added environmentally friendly consumers.   Snap Cutlery kits utilize up to 50% less waste when compared to traditional disposable utensil pairings! Choose from the wrapped or unwrapped 2 in 1 Forknife and 3 in 1 Sporknife combos. Readily available in bulk cases and orders online now, all with a variety of shipping options.      

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