SNAP CUTLERY - FORKNIFE - BLACK PS - 6/100 (600/case)

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  • SNAP CUTLERY - FORKNIFE - BLACK PS - 6/100 (600/case)
  • SNAP CUTLERY - FORKNIFE - BLACK PS - 6/100 (600/case)
  • SNAP CUTLERY - FORKNIFE - BLACK PS - 6/100 (600/case)

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  • Individually unwrapped medium weight polystyrene disposable black cutlery that snaps out into a fork and knife.
  • Ideal for a variety of slicing and dicing meals from meats, backed beans, potatoes, complete meats, rice to deserts and much more.
  • Tough to break and hard to snap, this fork and knife is a fork and knife set all in one.
  • Easy for caterings, take-outs, cookouts, events, parties and customers on the go.
  • Fork measures 8.5" and knife measures 6" in length making it an easy handle and practical medium weight choice.
  • Each case contains 500 polystyrene, individually unwrapped black Snap Cutlery.
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