Whether you’re a busy bartender making dozens of drinks per night or a corporate events organizer looking to give the hors d’oeuvres tray a snazzy touch, we’ve compiled the right products for you. WOW Plastics supplies plastic food picks in over 10 varieties, each with their own flair. From mini-sword picks at casual Halloween parties all the way to sleek prism skewers at formal business affairs, you’re sure to find a suitable product. We offer a full range of plastic polystyrene picks used for appetizers of many kinds, as well as disposable cocktail picks for bars and restaurants. They’re excellent for adding garnishes to your drinks or making canapés or spears through wraps and sandwiches. Our plastic food picks are a perfect, hygienic alternative to wooden-prickly toothpicks, and an ideal choice for restaurants, catering companies, and foodservice professionals of all kinds. Browse our catalog below! 

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