Wholesale Plastic Utensils

Wow Plastics Disposable Cutlery

From appetizer utensils to full meal cutlery, WOW Plastics provides a variety of lightweight, medium weight, heavyweight, wrapped, and specialized wholesale plastic utensils. Our tasting spoons, long spoons, and our small, lightweight cutlery is perfect for product tastings, tea, coffee, appetizers, and food trucks. Consider our mediumweight cutlery for small catering events, takeout restaurants, or foods larger than appetizers, such as chopped fruit and salads. Our heavy-duty disposable plastic cutlery is ideal for full-scale catering, entertaining, and large meals.  

WOW Plastics is one of the premier manufacturers of wholesale plastic utensils in Texas, as well as the United States overall. We ship to nearly all addresses in the U.S. Browse below to find the cutlery color and style that suits your needs!

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