Payment Policy and Methods

All placed orders are to be placed using our credit card payment service online.  All customers have the option of using our shopping cart system with a secure server or PayPal as a payment option.  We also accept orders by contating us and speaking with our respresentatives if you need to make any customized orders are have any doubt placing your orders online.  

Prepaid credit cards are also accepted although authorization policies may apply.  If there are any doubts, contact your credit card company in order to resolve any pending questions or doubts. 

Paypal is also a payment option that adds an extra level of security to all our customers.  This includes all major credit cards and also account credits, gift cards or coupons that may appy to your orders. 

All charges are directly billed to the credit card information that your items include in the shopping cart and shipping costs.  All customers receive an email with the informations of products ordered, billing and shipping costs.  An email is also received after the order is complete and in many cases a notification that your product has been shipped. 

If there are any changes to order or payments, a refund will be applied when the conditions demand it.  In this case, either the order can be declined and a new order can be made or a refund on the initial order can be applied.  This will automatically reflect itself through the payment gateway and the bank.   

If orders have any type of complication, this will be attempted to resolove itself while an Awaiting Fulfillment status would be displayed on your order.

We also accept check payments and may require approx. 5 to 7 business days to resolve before shipping.  

All products are listed in US dollars ($) and are converted if placed outside of the country based on the real time exchange rates upon payment.