Can I pick up the product instead of having it shipped?


In addition, add your volume discount by using the BULK ORDER SAVINGS TABLE below.



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Will bulk orders save me money?

Yes - Your savings are Exponential. The more you buy, the cheaper your orders.

Check the table below:


Add or Combine Cases and Save up to 15%


How do I save on shipping?

WHEN SHIPPING:Savings do not stop at case and order discount.  IN MANY CASES, different products can be wrapped as one package with as many as 10 cases or more. This saves you money instantly and provides competitive shipping rates. With higher volumes, shipping cost is reduced, and that allows for even bigger savings. The more cases ordered, shipping charges can average out to as low as $3 or $4 a case or more.  These are bulk shipment savings that you will see at checkout and can start with orders of 9 to 10 boxes or less.  Use our shipping calculator on checkout to see how your bulk shipment savings can build up fast.


Special Bulk Shipment Rates


*Shipping Rates depend on number of cases, case size, weight & location.

*Bulk Shipment Deals are reflected on Checkout 

*Use our shipping calculator on checkout and find your best rates.


How much can my TOTAL SAVINGS be?

If you add up cases, shipping and pick up discounts you can save up to 25%.  If you decide to choose products with big blow out sales found in all product categories then your savings can pass 50%. These savings are big and beyond any competition. Shop around, compare and see for yourself.  FULL TRAILERS can be quoted at factory prices and save you 35% above regular sale discounts.  

How much can I order online?

You can order as many cases as you wish as long as there is available inventory. Pre-ordering is also possible.  If you need a larger amount than the available inventory shown online please contact us and we will provide you with the additional product as soon as possible. Products can also be customized and may take approximately 2 weeks for delivery.    

What about full trailer orders?

As you know, you can order as many cases as you want. If you are interested in ordering FULL TRAILERS we can quote factory prices and save over 35% or more, please contact us by phone or email to receive special full trailer offers and deals. These can be products from any of our online categories, which are already available for immediate delivery or ask for customized products.

Should I open an account?

An account is not necessary for any type of online orders, customized orders or full trailer orders.  However, opening up an account has several benefits for online orders, including your saved information for shipping and ordering.  Your information is guaranteed to be safe and secure.  The account also sends a newsletter along with seasonal promotions and new products from time to time.  Along with the following:

  • Check out faster
  • Save multiple shipping addresses
  • Access your order history
  • Track new orders
  • Save items to your wish list

How should I open an account ?

An account is fast and simple to set up.  There are two ways:

a)  You can click on the My Account button on the top of the site.  This will immediately take you to the sign up area.  If you already have an account, then all you need to do is enter your username and password for immediate Access.  If you are creating an account, then you can click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

This will take you to a page where you can add your personal detail and shipping details.  Then Click CREATE MY ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page.  That is it, you have created your account and made your ordering process quick and easy every time.    

b) While shopping, you can go to your shopping cart area and when you are ready to finish your online order, select the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.  This will give you the option to "proceed as a guest" or ""register an account".  By selecting the register an account, you will find a page that allows for your personal details and shipping details.  Then click CREATE MY ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page and you are done. Congratulations, you have created your own personal account and will receive all the benefits for online orders.   

If you have any more questions, don´t hesitate and please contact us. We will be more than glad to help you.